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Kiting in barbados

The ideal spots for kiteboarding/surfing in Barbados is Silver Rock and Long Beach. Both beaches are a hop and a skip away from each other on the south of the island, approximately 10-15 mins away from the airport and are not heavily traversed with beach goers; this combined with the sandy beaches and wind direction makes it ideal for learners. Peak times for kitesurfing is December to July with the heavest period for kiteboarders being late December to April. Given Barbados’ location in the chain of Caribbean islands, winds at peak times are usually between 12-25kts. Kite sizes range from 8m to 12m and wind direction is usually side on shore with the ocassional on shore.

about us and our lessons

Our school is equipped with an experienced team of instructors from Barbados who are familiar with the surroundings of local beaches such as Long Beach, Silver Point, Freights and other popular beach spots for kitesurfing and SUP/Surfing classes.

During your kiteboarding lessons you will learn the basics of “kiting” and familiarise yourself with the mechanics and the dynamics of the sport to get you up and riding. We adjust the equipment to best suit you, enabling you to focus more on having a fun experience with kiting rather than being apprehensive. We use safe and progressive teaching teachniques which reduce the risk factors during your watersport classes.

Everyone has their own learning curve so we don’t set expectations on the time it will take you to learn but usually the average time is 3 to 5 – 2 hour lessons to cover the necessary skills that will get you up and riding.

what to expect during your lessons

  • Learning about the various wind directions and how to apply it to when you are kiting
  • Setting up the equipment and how they work
  • How to steer the kite with confidence
  • Launching and landing the kite safely
  • Self rescue
  • How to water relaunch
    Introducing body dragging with and without the board
  • Getting up and riding on the board

kiteboarding rates

Equipment is included in the listed rates.  Now accepting bookings for the season! 

For groups greater than 2 persons, please contact us for rates.

one on one

$65 USD

10 hr lesson per hour

6hr and 8 hr lessons - $70 USD per hour

2 hr and 4hr lessons - $80 USD per hour

bring a friend

$50 USD

10 hr lesson per hour

6 hr and 8 hr lesson - $55 USD per hour

2 hr and 4hr lessons - $60 USD per hour

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