Frequently Asked Questions

You’d need at least 6-10hrs of Kite-training, based on your learning curve, before you begin water start. (Ready to stand/get up, on Kiteboard)

For a private or group class, all gear is provided for each kitesurf lesson. You should bring water, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and bathing trunks. For ladies bathing shorts over bathing suit is recommended.

For any group classes, it is 3hrs per lesson and we take three students per instructor. This is encouraged as it is a beginner’s class and all students get a chance to watch and learn from each other.

Kite-lessons take place throughout the day, between 9am to 3pm. This is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Yes. There are a few kitesurfing spots but we frequent two main spots; Silver Point and Long Beach Bay. The one chosen relies on wind direction on that day.

You will be charged on kiteboarding classes taken so no wind, no kitesurfing lessons. However, being this is all in nature’s hands, let’s not forget that there’s lots of fun sports to do on the island other than kitesurfing. Although, kitesurfing is the most fun and rewarding sport there is. 😉

We teach from 8 years old and up. However, many factors are at play so we would have to determine whether or not you are fit upon meeting you but all you need is courage and determination

Yes! We will be in deep waters during the last leg of the kite course and swimming would be a good skill to have for this class. However, you will be equipped with a lifejacket and helmet, so you don’t really have to be the best swimmer nor would you have to swim as we will be Kitesurfing near to beach shore.